Cleaver & Keg

Our launch box includes a tasty snack from Cleaver & Keg


Cleaver & Keg was created out of frustration of the lack of premium snacks available in bars & pubs. This joint venture, based in Norwich and London, was created by two old school friends Danny Searle and Sean Cannon, both experts in their respective fields.

Danny is a Norfolk publican running craft beer-focused pubs, whilst Sean is an expert in the production and sale of fine charcuterie. After seeing the explosion in micro-brewed craft beers, they knew that beer lovers were just as discerning as wine buffs when it came to the appreciation of artisanal products with provenance.

They joined their talents to bring their expertise for both beer and charcuterie together and founded Cleaver & Keg. Both are especially proud of the care and passion with which their products are made. Cleaver & Keg’s focus is on premium cured meat snacks, 100% British meat that is salt cured, air-dried and richly-spiced to the highest standards.

The range comprises of:

Chorizo Slices – Rich and spicy 100% lean British pork, perfectly portioned into pop-them-in-your-mouth pieces.

Salami Slices – Herby little bites of lean air-dried 100% British pork. Blended with a subtle mix of fennel seed and spices, it’s traditionally cured and air-dried.

Strips O’Beef – Warmly spiced little slivers of 100% British beef silverside. The beef is marinated in a warm mix of coriander seeds and black pepper then cured, hung, air-dried and thinly sliced.

Hot Strips O’Beef – Hot and spicy little slivers of 100% British beef silverside. Like the Strips O’Beef it’s marinated in a warm mix of coriander seeds and black pepper with the added poky kick of Yorkshire Chilli jam.

Dan Searle said: “The reason we go to the pub has changed. It is no longer the place to down cheap booze in a slightly ropey environment, it is now the place to experience new and exciting flavours in an aspirational setting. We thought it was a crying shame that the default bar snack was a packet of crisps or peanuts. We didn’t think that that was good enough for people who really care about their drinks – us included and wanted to give the pub goers of Great Britain the snack they deserve.”

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